Video Social Campaign

Video for social – it’s huge right now. It’s easy to leverage a video you’ve already produced to create a campaign that lasts weeks after your initial video launch.

Think of it as the movie trailer for your main video – Between 7 and 15 seconds works best. Share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to drive more interest to your site for ‘the whole story’. Boost it as paid ad.

Or, think of it as a mini commercial version of your main video. You can go a bit longer for that; up to 30 seconds – but you are still telling just part of the story. One feature or one benefit. This also works great as a paid ad.

We recently worked with Verathon Medical on a video campaign coinciding with the launch of their new bronchoscope. It started with us producing their product launch video – a 3D animated product video which we re-purposed to create a series of shorter teaser videos.

The main video:

The Teaser: Be In Control

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The Teaser: Be Focused

Digital ads are a natural extension of this and since some platforms won’t serve video as an ad, we created a motion animated image to go along:

Looking to develop a video campaign for your company? Get in touch!