Getting to know you and your messaging is our first step to producing an exceptional video for you. We’ll ask, ‘why this video, right now’? Knowing all the angles helps us to develop a compelling video for you.

At Sparkworks Media, we place a huge emphasis on understanding your, ‘why’. By spending time with you and your brand, our creative video production team is able to produce a video that exactly fits your goals and company voice, and helps you deliver it in the right way. Consider us your in-house but down-the-street production team.

Here’s a look at our video production process:

The Discovery Phase:

“What’s this video about?, Who is the audience?, Where is the video being shown?, Are there must-have people or places to be seen? What do you want people to think or do at the end?” That sort of thing. Whatever we produce for you has to meet your goals.

  • Approach and Budget:

    If you already know you want a 2-minute animated explainer video or perhaps a live-action brand video, we’ll build out a scope and plan to fit that concept.

    If you aren’t sure of the right approach, Sparkworks’ experience is an asset because we know that a really creative $2500 video can be just as effective as a $25,000 one. With a really good understanding of your audience, your messaging and budget goals we’ll design a plan that is awesome AND achievable.

    Creative Strategy:

    You have about 10 seconds to get your audience’s attention so in this phase we’ll dive deep on the creative strategy. This will include story, visual approach, styles, pacing… all driven by your content messaging goals.

    At the end of this phase we’ll land on one winning strategy approach outlined in a creative brief with narrative, mood boards and samples.

    Creative Development and Pre-Production

    Now that we have a clear direction we can really get moving. Lots of things happen during this phase:

    • Project schedule
    • Scriptwriting – usually 3 drafts
    • Interview question development (for interview driven videos)
    • Graphic Boards showing key segments of video
    • Location scouting and planning
    • Travel planning
    • Talent casting and planning
    • Crew scheduling

Project Development

Regardless of whether your video is primarily live action or animation based (or maybe a mix of both) production is where we are creating footage that goes into your video.

Live Action Production Days:

Always exciting. All the coordination and planning is turned in to motion pictures during a short filming window.

3D Animation and Motion Graphics Production:

If your video is animated instead of ‘live action’, this is where your 3D and 2D elements are designed, modeled, animated, composited, and rendered.

Audio Asset Production:

Narration recorded, original music, or finding a stock option that suits your video.


Now that we have all the raw materials, we go to work editing footage and combining animated elements.

The first draft is usually a content draft to make sure we’re saying the right things. Then we add additional footage/renders to create a fuller picture.

You give us feedback and critiques, and we go to work again. (There are generally 3 rounds of this editing process.)

Color grading happens near the end to polish, brighten, or enhance all the final shots to precisely match the tone of the video project.


Where your video plays makes a difference. If you already have a plan and place for your video(s), great. We’ll send along the encoded file.

But if you plan to just put your video on YouTube and cross your fingers, let’s talk. With over 15 years in production, Sparkworks has helped our clients leverage their video on just about every platform. Having a video marketing strategy in place will help you know if your investment is working. YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove – they all have their benefits and can be pointed to from emails, embedded on your site, or used in social.  Paid promotion through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are right for some while traditional cable or Hulu ads are another way to go.

  • Be sure measurement is part of your plan.

    Our creative team is excited to sit down with you and find a targeted way to produce a compelling and effective video for your business. Ready to schedule that coffee?

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