We’re here to help get the word out on healthcare technologies, processes and programs that create better outcomes for people.

Medical Expertise

Sparkworks’ decade-long relationship with Verathon Medical producing marketing and training videos has made us near experts on their GlideScope and Bladderscan products. Because we produce live action, motion graphics and 3D visualization all in-house we help ensure consistency and accuracy during frequent product updates and improvements. Our product and general healthcare knowledge is also an asset during the production process to create realistic scenarios and use cases. So while we’re not real doctors, we can play them on TV.


3D Product Visualization

Realistic 3D product visualization videos for medical devices solves a lot of marketing challenges. You can light a product and control every reflection. You can change color, labels or configurations without a new photo shoot. And you can export for print and video as large as you need.

Interview Case Studies

A client success video is one of the most effective tools for building trust. Hearing from customers who speak your customer’s language and like your product is priceless. Sparkworks expertise around healthcare enables us to ask the right questions, direct responses and produce a compelling video.


Healthcare Improvement

A new product to reduce hospital infection rates with invisible H2O2 particles was made possible with this 3D visualization video. 

The Future of Healthcare

Behind cutting edge patient therapies like CRISPR is the collection, movement and storage of a lot of biological material. Our specialization in visualizing medical lab environments as well as 3D rendered products is leveraged by BioLife to explain their role in protecting patient tissue.


Patient Education Videos

Explaining how treatments or a medicine works to a patient shouldn’t be boring. Using motion graphics or 3D is a great option and both are available with Sparkworks.

Fitness as Medicine

Sparkworks experience producing fitness videos AND healthcare knowledge make us a perfect partner for Technogym. Their work to address Population Health Management with exercise equipment that reports progress to doctors is a win for hospitals and patients. We’ve produced nearly a dozen client success stories for their sales team using our cost effective production process.


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