When it comes to interviews and documentary case study videos, what makes us particularly effective is our approach. Rather than hitting a series of bullet point questions, we have an honest and thoughtful conversation with our interviewees. This leads to answers that are more authentic and helps us uncover the ‘aha’ moments that have the most impact.

Expert Story Editing

As creative video storytellers, we can get to the heart of a story quickly in the edit. It can be challenging to choose from all the good material but the process helps uncover what is truly important to the message.


Content Expertise

We have years of content expertise writing for employee communication, non-profit fundraising, healthcare and medical, and workforce recruitment. By diving deep in these disciplines we’re able to reduce ramp up time for our clients and spend more time developing creative.

Creative Drama

Interviews can be dramatic and we like to add to it when appropriate through visuals that help convey emotion; especially for non profits. For example; isolation visualized through being lost at sea. Or numbers of children impacted visualized through counting school buses.  When audiences view this imagery, the depth of a crisis hits home.


Unique Filming Approaches

We employ unique techniques such as EyeDirect to capture direct-to-camera interviews when appropriate and Cinéma Vérité camera work, to create visuals that revolve around the activities of the subject and serve to smartly dramatize moments at hand. For a recent recruiting video for Moss Adams we had interns to film themselves when our camera crews couldn’t, adding a unique behind the scenes feel. We strategize a style approach to fit the uniqueness of your story.

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