Top 7 Reasons Companies Choose Sparkworks Media

We Understand the Strategy

'Making a video' is never the final goal - it has to work. At Sparkworks Media, we know that your video production project needs to fit into and enhance your overall marketing and communication strategy — and we know how to make sure that it does.

19 out of 20 clients work with us again

Why does client retention matter? It's proof that we take care of our clients. We put a strong emphasis on trust and working in the best interests for your project. We’ve produced hundreds of projects for corporate clients — and more than 95% of them return to us for future projects because of our reliability, our creativity, and high quality video production.

We've Done This a While

Integrated Media

We've develop custom web-video apps, iPad video apps, Blu-Ray, DVD....
Your message — wherever you need it.

Superb Quality

We've got high-quality equipment, cutting edge software AND the know-how to make everything about your video look and sound fantastic.

We Get Results

Our process works. The ROI pencils out. Over 95% of our clients come back.
It’s true; we did the math.

We Play Well With Others

Clients partner with us as their ‘in-house but down-the-street’ production team because our people are collaborative and care about your success. We work hard to establish trust and clear direction, focusing on an incredible video experience, delivered strategically on multiple platforms.

Focus On Value

A compelling message that impacts your viewers must take in to account your bottom line. At Sparkworks, we know how to craft an authentic story, a strong brand message, and engaging content that emotionally and mentally impacts your audience. All without the usual budget 'cringe'.