And a reshoot for a product change doesn’t have to happen.

Sparkworks produces compelling and photorealistic 3D product animation videos and renderings that turn heads. We’ve helped launch products for some of the top names in the medical, healthcare, technology, industrial and scientific fields.

Seattle 3D Animation

What kinds of videos do we produce?

Product Launch Videos
Whether your product is ready for prime time or still in development, an animated 3D product video can in many cases be better than the real thing. Camera angles and lighting that can’t be done any other way enable you to see your product at its best.
Medical Visualization
Animated videos are especially useful when it comes to visually communicating medical topics. With animation, you’re able to explain medical and health care processes, show the function of internal organs, and demonstrate the use of various medical devices.
Logo Animation
Creating an animated logo is all about leaving your viewer with a feeling that they can identify with your company. Of course it has to look cool too.
Marketing Videos
Animate your product in ways that make customers excited to buy one! Add motion graphics to call out features. Apply a little music and bam; sold.
Process Visualization
Need to show how something gets from A to B and what happens in between? Our 3D animated process videos don’t necessarily have to be photorealistic. Sometimes simplifying the look and style can help simplify the explanation.
3D for Print & Web
Have us export large format renders for your print and website. Tradeshow banners, brochures, and product turn-arounds for your web site are all quickly created from the assets we’ve already made for you. Many of our clients don’t even do product photography anymore because our renderings are that good.

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