Curiosity makes us really good at our work creating explainer videos

Are you looking for an animated explainer video, a whiteboard animation, or a new hire orientation video? This Seattle media production company has got you covered.

Animation + Video Production

Sparkworks excels at explaining technical detail and we love adding humor to videos. So we took what could have been a super dry explainer video series about collecting trash on beaches and added as much humor and levity as the US Government will allow. Kitschy visuals and step by step instruction create the perfect concoction of information, fun, and engaging storytelling. Plus, we added some aerial video for fun.


Explainer Video Production

Credit card loyalty programs are a significant source of revenue for companies like Alaska Airlines. The key to success is to help employees sell the program. Sparkworks was a perfect fit as one of our writers has participated in several sales courses. In collaboration with Alaska Airlines, we developed a series of sales training video scripts to help agents and flight attendants with the basics.

Employee Safety Videos

When the pressure is on, how can we ensure airline employees know it’s ok to stop the operation if there is a safety concern? Lives are literally on the line.

Sparkworks worked with Alaska to create a cinematic and dramatic approach to this safety video, helping to acknowledge the challenge of a decision to stop a takeoff and explaining the importance of doing so. Our two decades of experience working with Alaska aircraft and at SeaTac helped make this production process a smooth one.


CEO Message

Our decades of experience directing executives made Sparkworks perfectly suited for this 14 video series about “how we do it” for this Seattle-based company. Their Leadership Principles, a code of how to operate day-to-day, informs everything they do. This was high-stakes stuff—even the CEO came on board. 

Product Introduction Video

Ever feel like no matter how much you mess with a thermostat you are always too hot or too cold in your office? Know how to fix it? Neither did we, until we made this video. We love geeking out on the technical aspect of how things work and we jumped at the chance to explain how this fancy patented valve keeps things under control. 3D visualization videos with particle dynamics are fun when one of our animators has a physics degree.


Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Sparkworks has years of experience building character rigs to mimic human movement and expressions. Because sometimes the best spokesperson to explain something isn’t a real person.  Meet Emma, who takes center stage to explain the Career Choice education tuition program for a local retailer.

Product Launch Video

Another example of explaining complex devices, Sparkworks helps Echodyne explain how their beam-steering radar is superior to traditional radar, especially when watching for drones that might fly over your favorite sporting event, carrying who knows what. Seriously though, detecting and tracking up to a thousand unknown things flying all at once is pretty important – and cool. Showing how it works in a technically accurate way is too. 


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