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              Vicky Clark
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              Of course you care about seeing our portfolio, but it also matters who you’ll be working with.

              The team at Sparkworks is passionate about the storytelling medium of video production and animation. We care if the video we produce is successful for you. And we want you to consider us part of your team – just down the street.

              Sparkworks rose from a Seattle video production company called Video Presentations, Inc. in 2004. There were just three of us including Michel (all still here!). We’ve grown slowly, adding key creative members as needed. In 2007, Travis joined as a partner, adding a host of new capabilities including 3D visualization and programming.

              Today the company serves clients across industries and across the country, providing a range of video production and animation services. Steeped in a tradition of customer service, Sparkworks brings the best to its clients ~ talented creative professionals, the latest techniques, and a winning strategic approach to ensure every project is a success.

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