Storytelling with a Spark


At Sparkworks, we believe that every project should have the potential to live beyond just a single video we create for you. As we develop a creative strategy for your project, we strive to ensure it has campaign-level potential, so that you can leverage the final product in multiple ways. One story, multiple mediums, multiple opportunities to reach your audience.


“Working with Sparkworks was very collaborative, and the production and editing process was smooth and efficient. We were able to get exactly what we were envisioning for the presentation. The video was a success, and we won multiple awards for the design. The animation produced by Sparkworks Media played a major role in the presentation of our design for those competitions.”

Brian Conner



Sparkworks Media is a world-class corporate video production company based in Seattle, WA. Our creative video production team produces dynamic content for all types of corporate enterprises both nationally and abroad.

Commercial video production takes creativity, diligent industry research, and lots of know-how in order to create a persuasive motion picture that delivers results. At Sparkworks Media in Seattle, WA, we do just that for you.

Non profit organizations throughout the United States have called on our non profit video production expertise on a regular basis. These videos have been some of our favorite projects to create. We strongly support our nonprofit clients.

Motion graphics are a popular option that not every video production company can offer you — and our team is the best in the business when it comes to producing powerful animated videos. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Case Study: K2- Atlas Snowshoes

The Overview – Reaching the Outdoor Enthusiast

K2 Outdoor is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing cutting edge outdoor equipment.  Whether it be snowboards, skis, apparel or snowshoes, they have continued to make great gear for every level of recreation interest.  The company’s snowshoe line, Atlas, is no different, with a wide range of snowshoes for everyone from the small kids to hard-core snowshoe racers.