At Sparkworks, we believe that every project should have the potential to live beyond just a single video we create for you. As we develop a creative strategy for your project, we strive to ensure it has campaign-level potential, so that you can leverage the final product in multiple ways. One story, multiple mediums, multiple opportunities to reach your audience.

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As is far too typical in this business, projects come with little notice and have quick deadlines. The best thing about working with Sparkworks, besides the peace of mind that I know a project is going to be done correctly the first time, is that they simply do not miss a deadline.

Mollie S. - MSLGroup

Sparkworks Media was able to take my dream, make it tangible, and turn it into an excellent video. It helped to sell my project world-wide when I couldn't be there to do it myself. Not to mention that they delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.

Jack V. - Microsoft

Countless attendees were visibly moved by what they were watching, and I’ve received several comments that have ranged from “inspiring” to “powerful” to “the best one I’ve seen.” So, thanks to all of you guys again for your outstanding work, your flexibility and your continued dedication, right down to the 11th hour and 59th minute.

Scott P. - KCBF

Vendor can't begin to describe the relationship we have with Sparkworks. More apt would be partner and creative teammate. The end product will not only please our stakeholders--it will WOW them and make us look like heroes.

Christina C. - Verathon

K2 - Atlas Snowshoes Video

CASE STUDY: K2- Atlas Snowshoes

The Overview – Reaching the Outdoor Enthusiast

K2 Outdoor is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing cutting edge outdoor equipment.  Whether it be snowboards, skis, apparel or snowshoes, they have continued to make great gear for every level of recreation interest.  The company’s snowshoe line, Atlas, is no different, with a wide range of snowshoes for everyone from the small kids to hard-core snowshoe racers.

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