Premera – We Change Lives

The Overview – The Faces of Change

Phinney Bischoff, a local branding and marketing agency, was looking for a Seattle video production partner to help them produce a video to kick off a series of rebrading meetings at Premera. The idea was to convey the emotion and importance of actual Premera employees. Serious mixed with playful, caring and sincere. All in a minute or so.

The Solution – Video Portraits

Phinney Bischoff selected Sparkworks Media to direct over 40 employees (in one day) with the goal of inspiring viewers through intimate video portraits. Sparkworks director Michel Hansmire has years of experience coaching corporate clients to perform their best for the camera – whether they work in the c-suite or on their feet.

The Results – Exceeding Expectations

Sparkworks handled post on the project and when finished Premera was blown away by the result. This made us and our agency partner Phinney Bischoff, happier than kittens with a ball of string. They’re even exploring a larger campaign based on the video produced by Sparkworks. Awesome!

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