Whether you are a company or a non-profit, a start-up or a Fortune 100 firm, there’s something that sets you apart. Sparkworks Media is a Seattle video production company helping marketing and communication teams spark change and action through narratives, documentaries, and brand films.

Filming on location or in a studio, we’ll work with your team to tell an authentic and persuasive story that gets attention.

Consider how your company can leverage video to further your mission:

Brand Videos
The lifeblood of your business resides in the culture and voice of your company. A brand video works to convey who you are, your values, and why you do what you do.
Case Study Videos
A case study video shows a potential client exactly how you can help. Real world examples show potential clients what they could have if they work with you and people love to see a film on how another business operates.
Marketing Videos
When you work with Sparkworks to produce a marketing video, you are hiring a partner with years of marketing experience too. We can help you shape a message that grabs attention and film compelling visuals that will keep people watching.
TV Commercials
TV commercial production (or a web commercial) is all about grabbing attention fast and doing it in a way that is memorable or unexpected. We’ve helped many businesses get their message across.
Training Videos
You don’t have to produce the same old corporate video production. Sparkworks Media excels at training videos that are not only informative and clear, but also entertaining and enjoyable to watch.
Non Profit Fundraising Videos
We’ve produced fundraising videos for many of the most important nonprofit organizations in our region; Seattle Goodwill, Navos, KCBA, Moyer (Eluna), PCAN, National CASA, PROVAIL, Crisis Connections, and many others. We know what it takes to produce a video that wins hearts and minds (and opens wallets).
Live Stream Webcasting
Webcast your next event or meeting when getting together isn’t possible. Live event streaming can be set up fast – lighting and audio are what make the difference. Sparkworks’ production capabilities ensure your event looks and sounds great. 
Recruitment Videos
Produce a recruiting video to capture the essence of your company values and highlight why people want to work with you. Share your company culture and ideals so potential employees get a sense of why they would fit in well.

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