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Sparkworks has been serving clients as a go-to Seattle media production company for over 20 years. We work with agencies and brands in Seattle and across the country to produce captivating visuals that resonate with the audience.


We’ve continued to succeed because we’re constantly evolving as narrative techniques change and technical innovations re-write how video is created and consumed by audiences.


Aerial video promos? Green screen? Video and photography services? We’ve done it. Whether you just need a Seattle video production crew for the day or are looking to produce a project from start to finish, Sparkworks has the team and tools to turn your vision into cinematic reality. 

Ways we’ve helped further our client’s mission:

Documentary Case Study Videos
A case study video brings a potential client along with you as you demonstrate exactly what you can do to help them, how your team is different, and what unique approaches your team uses to accomplish its goals.
Employee Recruitment Videos
In today’s tight labor market, catching the eye of prospective employees takes a smart approach and a skilled execution. We help clients show prospective employees why they should work with your company and how that new position will make their lives better.
CEO Messages
We’ve directed executives at some of the world’s largest companies to help them connect with their audience with an effortless confidence that builds trust and respect.  We teach them the 3 E’s; Emphasis, Enunciation and Enthusiasm. 
Training Videos
You don’t have to produce the same old corporate video production. Sparkworks Media excels at training videos that are informative, clear, AND enjoyable to watch.
Brand Videos
The lifeblood of your business resides in the culture and voice of your company. A brand video works to convey who you are, your values, and why you do what you do.
TV Commercials
TV and web advertising is all about brand recognition and trust. We’ve helped many businesses in Seattle and beyond to shape their brand identity and connect with the audiences they’re seeking. We can scale your message to the tiniest corner of the internet or nationwide.
Non Profit Fundraising Videos
We’ve produced fundraising videos for numerous nonprofits; Seattle Goodwill, Navos, KCBA, National CASA, Casey, Crisis Connections, and many others. We know what it takes to wins hearts and and opens wallets.
Marketing Videos
Creative strategy matters. We can help you shape a message that grabs attention, keeps people watching and defines your brand as an integral part of the lifestyle of your intended audience.

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