Webcast Live Stream Production

Webcast Live Stream Production

Webcasting might become the new normal for the foreseeable future when it comes to live events. With large gatherings being cancelled and risks deemed too high to meet in the office, we’ve seen the approach to corporate communication video production shifting fast.

We live stream events for several of our corporate clients when they want to get a message out to people who can’t attend an in-person gathering. And as more large venues close, we see this solution becoming more important. 

There are many options for holding virtual meetings and events.

A webcast can be as simple as a group meeting via Uzoom, Skype, Chime, or other desktop tools that make remote meetings easy. They are especially good for adhoc or regular group meetings. And you don’t need help to make it happen. Most computers have a camera and a mic plug-in.  

For larger or external facing broadcasts and meetings – as with all marketing – image and polish matters. Some events might benefit from more than one camera to capture a roving presenter or a small group. Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of your video. Sound above all is critical – having multiple mics on various people demands extra attention. 

Add slides to the presentation, some audience feedback tools (which can be as simple as vetting emails or texts) and you can have an event that feels immediate and polished, just without the handshake. 

We wish our corporate clients the best during this time of challenge and we hope that no matter HOW you choose to communicate with your employees and customers, that you simply keep doing it. Keep meeting. Keep talking. It just might be virtually for a while. And if you want help on how to do it, please think of us. 

Michel – Sparkworks Media