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A Brief History Of Video Hosting

Hosting your video used to be really difficult. Due to the bandwidth constraints of the day (56k anyone?), you needed to encode your…
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How To Create a Kickstarter Video That Gets Funding

According to Kickstarter, projects with impactful videos are far more successful than Kickstarter campaigns without them; in fact, 50 percent more successful than…
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Why Video is the Future for Inbound Marketers

We’re sure that you’ve heard about it. Just like every new kid on the block, inbound marketing is garnering a lot of attention.…
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7 Habits of Highly Successful Marketing Videos

Your pour time, money, and effort into having your team create a marketing video. Hours were spent selecting the right imagery and audio…
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The Secret to Creating Viral Videos

More than ten years ago, a young man with an unusual affinity for obscure Romanian music created what can arguably be referred to…
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Science, Goldfish, & Video Marketing: How To Reach An Audience With Waning Attention Spans

Recent research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed some alarming statistics about the American population. After years of hearing that humans…
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3 Reasons Your Investment in Video Marketing is a Great Idea

Video marketing is powerful — but do you know just how powerful and effective it really is? Here are just a few reasons,…
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Top 5 Reasons Video Should be Part of Your Marketing

Why use video in your marketing efforts? Here are several reasons: Creativity – Nothing holds attention better than a good video. From animation…
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Preparing Executives for Being On-Camera

At some point in their careers, executives are going to need (or want) to be on camera in one of their videos. If…
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Location, Location, Location – Where to shoot your video

The golden rule for brick and mortar businesses has always been, “Location, Location, Location.” And though video production is a vastly different business…
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