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Sparkworks Media Studio

Sparkworks has grown in several ways this year – all to keep pace with our client’s practical, technical and creative needs. One of…
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Sparkworks – New Hire

Thanks for checking in! We've closed this posting. Check back on future hires at Sparkworks Media.
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A New Year

A New Year - Sparkworks Media What’s your New Year’s resolution? For Sparkworks Media, our resolution is to offer our you a better…
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Sologic – A Case Study

The Overview – Focusing a New Brand Sologic, ( an industry leader in root cause analysis for business, was in the midst of…
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Preparing Executives for Being On-Camera

At some point in their careers, executives are going to need (or want) to be on camera in one of their videos. If…
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Sparkworks Procures Panasonic AF100 Camera

Shooting your corporate storytelling project on film vs. video used to say a lot about the production value of the final product. For…
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Editing at Sparkworks – Getting to Great, Faster!

Vimeo, Dropbox, YouSendIt, FTP. During the production of your video, all of these delivery methods are great ways to distribute drafts of your…
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Sparkworks Animation REEL

Top 7 Reasons Companies Choose Sparkworks Media

This is your project. It’s important. Here’s why Seattle video production company Sparkworks Media is the right choice as your media partner. 1)…
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