Corporate Video Production for Alaska Airlines

Corporate Video Production for Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is now the 5th largest airline, and one of Seattle’s most well-recognized companies. Recently, Alaska Airlines elected to rebrand with a brand new logo and color scheme. Thrilled to be a part of their corporate video production project, we set forward to create something unique.

Alaska Airlines wanted to unveil the new brand in a memorable way. The proposed solution was to create a timelapse video, showcasing the 10-day process of repainting one of their planes. With hours of time-lapse footage at our fingertips, we built out the progression of events, showing each and every stage of the painting process. The video triumphantly culminates in the grand reveal of Alaska’s new brand at their PR event—complete with a team of flight attendants doing a dance to celebrate.

Alaska Airlines Corporate Video ProductionThe corporate video production process was approached strategically as well as creatively, careful to show just how much care and detail was being put into the new Alaska brand, packaged in a unique and interesting form of art. With the amount of brand loyalty and heritage that Alaska Airlines has, it was vital that this video captured the significance in the new era of the brand. Equipped with 10 painters, 12 days, and 70 gallons of paint, Alaska brought their new brand to life—and Sparkworks Media was proud to help capture the moment!

Results of the Video

The resulting video was considered a huge success by the client, both in terms of customer happiness as well as trackable results. The video was shared on Alaska Airlines’ different social media platforms. For many companies, especially large brands looking to stay top of mind and maintain brand recognition with customers, the number of shares and other social signals are a huge indicator of their success.

The performance of the video for Alaska Airlines was outstanding, with over 800k views on Facebook and 2500 likes on the 15 second Instagram copy of the video. Facebook and Instagram have become the dynamic duo of media sharing for many businesses and we are delighted that Alaska Airlines experienced such great success.

We are thrilled that our participation with Alaska Airlines on their video production project has not only provided Alaska Airlines with a wonderful way to commemorate their tradition and heritage as a company, but also celebrate all the new years to come—one flight at a time.

Handling Brands with Care

Having a corporate video that resonates with your audience is all the more reason to enlist the support of a Seattle video production company, such as ours. We understand the importance of excellent brand reputation through the use of engaging, high-quality videos.

Through specializing in creating incredible videos that showcase your story, our goal is to make every video unique and special.

Making the Sequel

Our Seattle corporate video production company would love to be part of your company’s next great story. We work together to create a masterpiece that serves to inspire those that view it, and convey your message perfectly. Contact us today to find out more about our corporate video production services.