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Sparkworks Media is a world-class corporate video production company based in Seattle, WA. Our creative video production team produces dynamic content for all types of corporate enterprises both nationally and abroad.

If your business has a vision to share, a story to tell, or an service to highlight, Sparkworks Media’s creative team is here to help your corporate business take the next step with our exceptional, authentic, cutting-edge video production techniques. Whatever your business size, shape, or genre, our team of production engineers, marketing gurus, and animation masters with plenty of business acumen will ensure that you reach the next level of success.

“Working with Sparkworks Media  was very collaborative, and the production and editing process was smooth and efficient. We were able to get exactly what we were envisioning for the presentation. The video was a success, and we won multiple awards for the design. The animation produced by Sparkworks Media played a major role in the presentation of our design for those competitions.”

Brian Conner




Sparkworks Media provides video production project management throughout all stages of the project, including the creative development, design, scripting, theme, message, and finally, the launch. Our specialty lies in our ability to bridge the gap from traditional video methods to the digital innovations and increased amount of communication channels.

What do you need conceptualized, created, and distributed to help your company succeed?

Case Study: AVVO - Ignite

The Overview – Launching Something Brand New

When people are seeking quality law services they turn to to search, rate and find proper legal services. And when AVVO needed to promote their new client conversion software targeting lawyers, they turned to Sparkworks Media to create a fast-paced, high-energy marketing video to introduce the world to AVVO Ignite.

Brand Videos:

The lifeblood of your business resides in the culture and voice of your company. Do your brand videos accurately convey that to your clients and customers? Our corporate video production team loves to help both newly established brands and Fortune 500’s express their brand with authenticity and clarity to their loyal fans.

Let’s grab a coffee and talk about the vision for your brand.

Case Study Videos:

When you need to highlight your capabilities as a corporation, a well-shot case study video that emphasizes the success you brought to your client is a valuable asset to have. Excellent for helping close possible leads to your business, our case study video production services are created in a way that highlights both your client and your company. The mutual success of your partnership is caught on film, and potential clients get to see what service and success they could have if they work with you.

Marketing Videos:

Our experience in marketing and effective distribution of our corporate video production projects gives us an edge over our competitors. We don’t just produce your film – we help you know how to implement it and market it so that all the money that went into the project creates a powerful ROI for your brand. Marketing video production is exactly what you need.

CEO Profiles:

Is it time for your executives to appear on camera? Sparkworks Media has years of experience coaching and directing executives on camera. Whether this is their first time on camera or their hundredth, we make the process easy for them and they'll look great.

Staff Training:

Sparkworks Media excels at producing staff training videos that are not only informative and clear, but also entertaining and enjoyable to watch. We’ve produced films for many national and international corporations on new products, new systems, and new technology, and we are happy to do the same (or more!) for you.

Explainer Videos:

Many companies and corporations have instances in which they need to create instructional videos to release to clients and customers. Whatever your product or service, Sparkworks Media can create for your team easy-to-understand videos that help your loyal customers better utilize and enjoy your business offers. Let’s start selling!

Pitch and Kickstarter Videos:

One of our favorite corporate videos to produce is the pitch video. If you or your company needs to kick start your business or present a client or investor with a pitch, invest in the production of an incredible support to your cause – a pitch video production from a team that is striving to help you succeed. We help you fine tune your message so that you are confident, comfortable, and convincing in your video, painting a positive image of your company and hooking potential donors.

Employee Profiles:

Time to highlight some of your stellar staff? Is a new employee joining your team and needs an amazing way to be introduced? We love helping corporations introduce employees in a fun, funky way that highlights not only the personality of the individual, but your corporation as a whole, emphasizing your values and what you love to look for in your staff. Let’s help your employees start out right – authentic, excited, and totally on board.

Recruitment Videos:

As a large corporation, finding help can be difficult. When you’re looking for new recruits that fit into your company culture and share your ideals, a recruitment video can help to drastically weed out those who simply won’t fit in. Our recruitment video production services will capture the essence of your company values and highlight why people will want to work with you.