Coros – Kickstarter Video

The Overview – Launching with Kickstarter™

New to the US market, Coros was at the tail end of developing a new bike helmet system that would combine a blue-tooth enabled helmet and controller with your smart phone. This would make talking with others easier and safer while riding. They were looking to produce a video for Kickstarter™ to launch the product in the US and help fund new improvements.

The Solution – With the Action

To see the helmet in action, our camera would need to be with the riders everywhere they went. Filming from a car on the road was easy but we also wanted to be on trail rides, so Sparkworks went DIY and developed a camera platform to trail behind a secondary rider. The result was shots you couldn’t get anyway else.

The Results – Great Launch

Along with live-action footage of the bikers, Sparkworks added 3D visuals of the helmet and motion graphics to add explanation. This was a really fun project for the whole team and the client was pleased with the result.

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