BDA Moga Controller

The Overview – Grabbing Your Attention

When BDA, one of the nation’s leading branding and merchandising companies, needed to create a series of fast-paced, impactful videos to promote a new line of mobile gaming controllers, they turned to Sparkworks Media.

Sparkworks Media pulled its resources into creating an eye popping combination live-action, 3D and 2D animation and sharp editing to grab audiences’ attention right away.  These resources were then utilized in development of several videos for BDA, showcasing a variety of controllers, games, features and on-screen talent.

The Solution – Under One Roof

Sparkworks offered all the creative and technical skills that BDA needed under one roof.  The project required live-action and 3D visualization of the product.  Working with an established team at Sparkworks meant BDA was able to get sharp pre-production development and flawless execution in no time.

To expedite the creation of numerous videos over an extended timeframe, Sparkworks shot several videos worth of live-action footage during two production periods.  This footage was then utilized, edited and sometimes repurposed to serve across all animations and final products.

The BDA – MOGA video shown here is one of several videos created for BDA as part of this process.

The Results – On-Time and Beyond

Each unique BDA – MOGA video was delivered on-time and the creative exceeded the client’s expectations.

The videos are now playing in point of purchase displays in Best Buys and similar electronic stores around the nation, as well as part of MOGA’s online campaigns.

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