Amazon 009

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The Overview – Educating & Entertaining

Educating potential sellers on how to most-effectively move product and serve their customers continues to be a key goal for Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer.

Instead of just offering step-by-step documentation of how to sell online, Amazon approached Sparksworks Media about creating a series of videos with fun and engaging creative content to educate their sellers.

The Solution – A Humorous Approach

Over a series of conversations, three creative approaches were settled on; the first, a live-action video utilizing dynamic screen captures of the Amazon site, the second, a whiteboard style animation and the final, a humorous animation centered on a personable and eccentric character based on the classic James Bond archetype.

The character of 009 was born, and not only is he a super spy, but he sells his 009 branded cocktail shaker on Amazon!

Utilizing in-house talent to develop the animation, and modifying stock assets to save time and money for client, Sparkworks built a colorful and entertaining animation in which 009 learns a lesson or two about selling on

The Results – Reaching New Sellers

The video was developed in just three weeks and 009 is currently being viewed by thousands of sellers on

Here’s what Amazon has to say about working with us: “Sparkworks consistently produces high-quality, innovative work, and they are awesome to work with.  I highly recommend their services.”

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