Sparkworks Procures Panasonic AF100 Camera

Sparkworks Atlas Video

Shooting your corporate storytelling project on film vs. video used to say a lot about the production value of the final product. For many marketing projects, film was considered more appealing because it looked more ‘like a film’. Unfortunately that ‘look’ also came with all the costs of shooting on film. Ka-ching!

Not anymore.

Digital imagery has moved forward in leaps and bounds and a handful of cameras on the market offer tremendous “film-like” quality. Now you can shoot with the speed and economy of video but with a similar quality of film.

That’s why Seattle video production company Sparkworks Media has invested in the Panasonic AF100.

The key difference in this camera is its large image sensor (nearly the same image size as Super 35mm film), allowing for the creation of the cinema like imagery – including a slim focal depth-of-field and color qualities that match the saturation and depth you often see on the big screen.

The camera also enables you to use a wide cross-section of interchangeable professional lenses, variable frame rates for fast and slow-motion imagery and a dynamic light range that allows for images to maintain wonderful detail in the highlights and shadows of the same image (This has often been a big give away in quality for typical video cameras).

The result is a camera that is ideal for corporate, non-profit and commercial production. The AF100, in the hands of a seasoned professional, will not only deliver beautiful imagery but will offer tremendous flexibility for a number of production settings; whether it be interviews, your corporate story or documentation. The camera is the latest powerful tool to be added to the wealth of creative and technical options available through Sparkworks Media.