Editing at Sparkworks – Getting to Great, Faster!

Editing at Sparkworks – Getting to Great, Faster!

Vimeo, Dropbox, YouSendIt, FTP. During the production of your video, all of these delivery methods are great ways to distribute drafts of your video for wider feedback and review. Send us your notes from the comfort of your office and we’ll get right on it.

Want an even faster way to get from production to ‘done’? Nothing beats an in-person editing session, especially during the early stages of editing your video. Why?

1) You are busy. Too busy. With 500 emails in your inbox, the phone ringing and coworkers stopping by, are you really going to sit in complete quiet with no distractions and watch your video? Mabye if your comments are brief and require no nuances but otherwise, how are you going to translate those nuances to an email?

At Sparkworks, we offer a comfortable, quiet environment to view your video. You can talk with the editor, in real time, and get all those comments taken care of, NOW.

2) Greater creativity. Ever thought, ‘Can we just try it?’ Maybe there is a better image we can show to get your point across, or a better quote, or maybe that cut seems a little fast to you.

In no time at all, we can try it with you in the room. In what would otherwise be 5 gazillion drafts uploaded (which take like an hour for us to do – then you have to watch and comment), we can just do it right there in real time. And if it doesn’t work, ‘undo’ is really awesome. Your video WILL be better for it.

3) It’s fun. Producing a video is about the only marketing and communications medium that still is actually a pleasure to create because it’s all about storytelling. Your story. And we have pretty cool toys and a comfortable place to work. And since we’re cool and take care of you, well, what more can I say?

We recently updated our edit room with a fancy new workstation so being here is even more comfortable than ever. Check it out: