Valley Medical – GLOW Event

The Overview – Capturing the Inspiration

Valley Medical, a long-time client of Seattle video production company Sparkworks Media, is a big proponent of event-based marketing. Bring people together for a common purpose and you win their confidence and trust in your business. One of Valley Medical’s most successful events is GLOW, an evening dedicated to women’s wellness. But an event only lasts as long as the doors stay open – unless you have a great event video.

The Solution – The GLOW Event Video

Sparkworks Media’s director of photography Cody Walters and producer/director Michel Hansmire worked together to capture the evening. Combining fluid camera work on our new Movi rig and some choice interview selects, the feeling of the event came together in a short recap film set to Valley’s GLOW event music.

The Results – The Sky is the Limit

‘WOW this is INCREDIBLE’ was the response we received from Valley Medical’s marketing team. The video was shared as a follow-up on twitter, facebook and other social media, extending both the reach of the event and reminding attendees of their experience. And next year they already have a promotional video!

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