Visit Seattle – Aerial Promo

The Overview – Getting Over It

VisitSeattle, the marketing arm for Seattle tourism, gets requests from all over the world for footage of Seattle. They had a lot to offer but nothing in the way of footage from 500+ feet up. Up and over most everything.

The Solution – Aerials

VisitSeattle chose Seattle video production partner Sparkworks Media to help them produce some establishing shots of the city that could be shared to various media outlets. Filming over a city has some unique challenges, particularly with respect to weather, (wind=bad, sun=sometimes good), and legal airspace over things like stadiums during a game. And then there’s the whole ‘no-door-on-the-aircraft’ thing which can make flying sideways super loud and kinda bumpy. Don’t forget to wear a seat belt.

The Results – Over the Top

We sent VisitSeattle a reel of shots which they described was ‘the best on the whole reel’. Awesome. But then we decided to have a little fun with it too. This video highlights a few favorite shots as well as telling a little story about Seattle. Enjoy!

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