The 7 Questions You Need To Ask to Create a Powerful Video Production [eBook]

The 7 Questions You Need To Ask to Create a Powerful Video Production [eBook]

A well produced video has the unique ability to capture the attention of viewers and present your company, product, or idea in a concise and persuasive fashion. Your video strategy must not only engage viewers emotionally, it must work toward your business goals.

To help businesses and companies produce successful corporate video production projects we have recently released a new eBook containing 7 vital questions you must ask prior to production. These questions are essential for planning and can help prevent your project from losing viewers or getting lost in the daily marketing noise.  Here’s a glimpse at a few of the eBook’s questions and pointers.


Question 1. Who is Your Audience?

Companies should begin by determining the audience they want to target with their video. It sounds like a simple question, but has a dramatic impact on how you go about the production.

Whether your video is meant to address an internal team or is created for marketing purposes, the answer to this question affects scripting, structure, length, visual design, and several other factors. And the more specific you are with your audience description, the more targeted and effective your video can become.

By first determining the specific audience that a business wants to target with their video, producers and production partners can work together to create a powerful piece of work tailored to that targeted audience.

Question 2. What are Your Objectives?

This question in our eBook asks businesses to identify the motivation behind making the video at all. Businesses are looking for their video to have some kind of affect on their target audience — or they wouldn’t be making it in the first place.

Having produced hundreds of successful videos, we strongly recommend that businesses identify what kind of result they would like their video to produce before they go into production. This includes your primary objective as well the foundation objectives that support the primary one.

Our new eBook states that, “Answering these questions will give you a leg up in determining the type of video production you really want. Also, defining these details at the beginning will ensure that the style and tone of your video is exactly what you need.” Should it be live-action? Animation based? A thorough vetting of the objectives can help bring clarity on the right approach.

Question 3. Messaging Strategy: How do you get from the Video to Results?

Now that your business has an end result in mind… how do you get there?  You and your production agency must create a strategy for video communication that will produce the results you’re looking for.

Our eBook goes on to inform readers about the communication funnel and how it factors into the type of content you present in your video. People in different phases of the communication funnel will respond differently to the content in your video, so choosing a message that will impact the right people to produce the desired result is what will create a powerful and successful video production.

Businesses that struggle to identify the kind of viewer they want to target with their content can look to video production agencies like ours for assistance. Not only can we help businesses produce beautiful stories and images, we help clients create a video that can enhance their business.

Our full eBook goes on to discuss all 7 sections of questions and instructions in more detail and depth. Download our eBook today for all the information you need to plan a successful corporate video production project. For more information on the services and assistance we offer at Sparkworks Media, contact us by giving us a call or completing our contact form.