NCompass Construction Sees the Humor in the Everyday

NCompass Construction Sees the Humor in the Everyday

Your dad is sleeping next to you on an air mattress, your adult son wants to move back in, and you fight to get in to the bathroom every morning.

These are the humorous stories Sparkworks told for a Seattle construction company with the final question, ‘Need More Space?’

The project began when NCompass Constuction was looking for a creative Seattle video production company to take point on their new web ad campaign. Sparkworks Media worked with NCompass to understand their business, their customers and get to the heart of why clients choose to build. And lastly, why NCompass is different.

The idea of ‘Need More Space?’ began with discussions on key goals, including NCompass’ desire to take the ads as viral as possible. Humor was identified as the right path to online viewership and fit with the fun personality of NCompass.

Sparkworks developed the ‘Need More Space?’ concept and then wrote several relatable stories around an extended family living under one roof. As various family members test the limits of the space available in one house, the humor escalates.

The ads, appropriately titled; ‘The Shared Bathroom’, ‘Home Again’ and ‘Sleeping Together’, included a ‘cinematic’ approach with slim focal depth of field, a narrative structure and good production values – all intended to separate NCompass’ marketing approach from your average construction company.

NCompass links these ads to their website as well as with targeted email and display advertising. Check out the campaign for yourself;