Edward Jones Spotlight


In 2022, Sparkworks had the honor of working with Amp Agency to tell the story of the Edward Jones Centennial celebration.

Edward Jones started in 1922, and has been providing financial advice to people from all walks of life for the last 100 years.

To celebrate this historic milestone, the folks at Edward Jones put together an entire year’s worth of festivities that took place all over the country. We traveled to St. Louis, Phoenix, Toronto, Mexico (Missouri), Pueblo, and finally Boston, to help capture these events so that they could be broadcast company-wide.

The majority of the series took on a talk-show format, with Michel directing the live action, helping the presenters block their movements and refine their performances while also overseeing the camera team to ensure the perfect lighting and coverage was achieved.

The Amp creative team designed the look and feel of the presentation, while Fogarty Services constructed the sets and event environments.

The Sparkworks Team assembled the final video projects, with Travis designing the 3D graphics, working closely with the Amp creative team to ensure these elements fit seamlessly into the visual aesthetic they developed for the project.

The centennial celebration lasted the entire year, beginning in January 2022 with a webcast from the grand, 122 year-old Union Station in St. Louis, and culminating in November 2022 with a live event/video captured in the historic Boston SOWA power station, itself a 100+ year-old building.

It was a challenge bringing all of these elements together, and a wonderful learning experience that saw us collaborating with the Amp Agency, Bad Dog Pictures, Fogarty Services, and many talented folks at Edward Jones, including past and current top leadership, Doug Hill, Jim Weddle and Penny Pennington.

Here’s to another successful century for Edward Jones!