Pulte Homes – Snoqualmie

House-hunting, On Demand


The Challenge – Advertising an Entire Community

How does one visit a community without actually visiting it?  And who has the time to drive through the entire area if you want more information than some arbitrary online reviews?  And, even if you did have the time, where do you look – and what are you looking for?.

The Solution – A Digital Door into the Town

Sparkworks sat down with Pulte Holmes and devised a plan to visually walk potential home owners though the main attractions of each community.  We strategically highlighted the town’s best features and benefits in the creative plan, and devised visuals to match.

The Result – Find Your Dream House from the Comfort of Your Home

Sparkworks created and curated an online catalogue of Pulte Holmes Communities.  Now, cruising through your dream community or home is as simple as pressing play from your couch –  or, from anywhere for that matter.  On demand, captivating real-estate imagery complimented by key facts graphics for each community.  Time to get looking!

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