Think Twice

DUI Prevention

The Overview – Promoting Products We Didn’t Know We Needed, Yet

We’ve all been there; a great night out on the town with friends.  You’ve had… wait – how many drinks did you have, again?

You feel ‘fine’ to drive.  But, are you really?

Think Twice solves this ambiguity by offering disposable breathalyzers for your favorite businesses.  Pretty awesome, if you know it’s an option…


The Solution – Creating the Cultural Shift

Cultural shifts in commerce don’t come easy.  Consumers and Businesses alike need to first know a product exists before knowing they need it.

Enter Sparkworks Media.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words – multiply that by 24 frames a second, 60 seconds a minute – that’s a lot of explanatory power.  First, the animation gurus at Sparkworks honed the content strategy, then drew up nuanced, colorful animations to match the tone of the product and cultural shift around the ease of getting home safe when partaking in a drink.  Or five.


The Results –

Much like a night out drinking, the final video is full of whimsy and fun; much like the Think Twice product, Sparkworks distilled accurate information that can, quite literally, save lives.  Quick and to the point, yet covering all the informational bases, the Think Twice video helped launch a business.  The cultural shift has begun!

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