The Overview – Launching Something Brand New

When people are seeking quality law services they turn to to search, rate and find proper legal services. And when AVVO needed to promote their new client conversion software targeting lawyers, they turned to Sparkworks Media to create a fast-paced, high-energy marketing video to introduce the world to AVVO Ignite.

The Solution – When Timing is Everything

AVVO turned to Sparkworks Media at a critical time – only three weeks before the launch of their new software. They needed something eye-catching on a tight timeline. Sparkworks went to work immediately, creating a cross-section of creative approaches that could achieve AVVO’s strategic goals. Through several conversations with the client, an approach focusing on the lawyer’s experience with AVVO Ignite and a showcase of the software itself was settled on.

Given the tight timeline for production, editing and delivery, Sparkworks built a game plan that streamlined the entire process and captured all the materials needed in just a few days. Since the software was still going through some final changes during live-action production, Sparkworks replaced some computer and iPad screens throughout the video to ensure everything was up-to-date and seamless.

And through it all, AVVO was given the time they needed to make key creative decisions that honed their message and created a video that achieved their marketing goals.

The Results – Generating Consumer Awareness

AVVO Ignite was released with strong support from the marketing video – reaching lawyers that were previously unaware of AVVO’s new offering. The video also served as a key educational tool for allowing lawyers to understand the functionality of the software.

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