System Three – End Rot

The Overview – Developing a Fresh Approach

System Three develops epoxy products for the professional and consumer market. In an effort to generate more sales of their consumer epoxy products, System Three recognized the need for more education on how to use each product.

Video seemed an obvious choice but the approach to the video needed to satisfy several objectives. It would need to:

  • Train the viewer how to use the product
  • Convey ease of use
  • Be engaging enough to serve as a marketing video
  • The Solution – A Step Above the Rest

With a nod to 1950s training films, Sparkworks developed a humorous script and visual approach to this communication challenge. The idea was to use humor to keep the viewer engaged through the entire process and reduce the feeling of complexity. It also made producing the project a lot of fun.

After production, the real work began to create the look and feel of an educational film.  Keeping a little “wink and a smile” in each of our creative decisions, we generated several 3D elements, added motion graphics and finally color corrected the video and added a damaged film look. Every element worked to separate this humorous and informative video from anything else you would see in the epoxy products market.

The Results

The video has received rave reviews from the client and their customers. Here’s what one customer had to say:

“I got online after noticing the link for an instructional video on the box, expecting some dry narration, with the possibility of sad power-point-like transitions. What I discovered instead, to my delight, was a thoroughly instructive video full of witty entertainment and laugh-out-loud hilarity. My boyfriend and I both watched it with vim and vigor, and I intend to forward it to many of my friends in the remodeling and repair industry, just for a laugh! Thank you immensely for respecting the intelligence and time of your consumers enough to put a little effort into making such an entertaining and informative video.”

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