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We use a suite of tools, styles and techniques to develop engaging and visually appealing video animations to help tell your story, whether you are talking about technology, architecture, complex processes, logos or games. If you can think of it, we can make it real on screen for corporate, broadcast, or film.

“Working with Sparkworks Media was very collaborative, and the production and editing process was smooth and efficient. We were able to get exactly what we were envisioning for the presentation. The video was a success, and we won multiple awards for the design. The animation produced by Sparkworks Media played a major role in the presentation of our design for those competitions.”

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Sparkworks Media provides video production project management throughout all stages of the project, including the creative development, design, scripting, theme, message, and finally, the launch. Our specialty lies in our ability to bridge the gap from traditional video methods to the digital innovations and increased amount of communication channels.

What do you need conceptualized, created, and distributed to help your company succeed?


Case Study: AMAZON - Product Classifier

The Overview – Educating & Entertaining

Educating potential sellers on how to most-effectively move product and serve their customers continues to be a key goal for Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer.

Instead of just offering step-by-step documentation of how to sell online, Amazon approached Sparksworks Media about creating a series of videos with fun and engaging creative content to educate their sellers.

Product Marketing:

A stimulating, animated product video can be the perfect way to generate awareness and excitement for your product. With photo-realistic 3D rendering, you can show your product in ways that would be difficult to impossible to do with a practical shoot. And if your product is still in the development stage, there’s no better way to show your audience exactly what it can do. The options for visualization are limitless and unlike a photo or video shoot, you can come back time and again to revise or add for new applications. It’s the ultimate way to display your product to its full advantage.

Character Animation:

Some of the most memorable on-screen personalities are animated characters. When you want a character to tell your story, our animated video production team is what you need. Our skill in 3D animation, 2D motion graphics, and other forms of animation set us apart. And when it comes to creatively developing a character that will capture your voice, we have the creativity and skill to make it happen.

Explainer Videos:

Need something explained in a creative, engaging way that holds the attention of your audience? Animated explainer videos are some of our most frequently requested videos.

Using animated visuals to explain a challenging concept can help break complex ideas and other barriers to comprehension and get your ideas across in a clear, compelling manner. These are cost-effective videos that can be created quickly and updated easily.

Animated Logos:

Animated logos are a unique way to engage your audience in your primary brand image. The power of your logo in motion can produce a lasting impression that will resonate with your audience. Our team of designers and motion graphic artists will collaborate with your team to design and develop an animated logo that cleverly and creatively represents your brand.

Motion Graphics:

Use animation to add information to your live action videos. Feature call-outs, stats, and other details can add impact, increases capacity for communication of complex concepts and makes for a more compelling video. Combine the best of both worlds with live action shooting and video animation.

Whiteboard Videos:

At Sparkworks, whiteboard videos are one of our specialties. Whiteboard animation videos are a visually accessible and creative way to engage your audience in complex ideas. Whether you are illustrating a concept, explaining a process, or marketing a product or service, this quick, simple form of video production is an extremely flexible, engaging way to do so.

Medical Visualization:

Animated videos are especially useful when it comes to visually communicating medical topics. After all, it’s pretty difficult to see the internal processes of a body using live action filming, right? With animation, you’re able to explain medical and health care processes, show the function of internal organs, and demonstrate the use of various medical devices. Showcase your service or product with an animated medical visualization video, and leave the live-action exploration of the human body to the surgeons!

Process Visualization:

Have a concept or process that is difficult to explain? It doesn’t have to be. Process visualization videos illustrate complicated processes in a simple to understand format that helps your audience grasp complex ideas — and, if done well, engage and entertain in the process! Our motion graphics team and 3D animation crew are especially skilled in taking your most complex process and boiling it down into a simple, cost-effective, and creative video.

Animated Tutorials:

Animation can infuse a lot of fun and creativity into your videos. This is especially true when it comes to tutorials. Using animated tutorials instead of or with live action filming can help simply concepts, offer greater room for in-depth explanation (such as in the inner workings of a tool or technology), and is a cost-effective solution. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.