Nonprofit Video Production

Persuasive Stories That Win Hearts and Minds


Nonprofit videos have been some of our favorite projects to create. At Sparkworks Media, we strongly believe in and support our nonprofit clients, and love to create video productions that help to tell their story and raise awareness for their causes.

"It is not often that you work with a company that can discern your nonprofit’s message and distill it into a short, impactful visual image.  I enjoy working with Sparkworks Media because they often know what I am trying to achieve before I have a clear vision!  Their products are creative, insightful, on budget and on deadline. One can’t ask for anything more than that!"

Jennifer F.

Seattle-King County Dental Foundation



Sparkworks Media provides video production project management throughout all stages of the project, including the creative development, design, scripting, theme, message, and finally, the launch. Our specialty lies in our ability to bridge the gap from traditional video methods to the digital innovations and increased amount of communication channels.

What do you need conceptualized, created, and distributed to help your company succeed?


Case Study: NAVOS - Mental Health

The Overview – A Continued Partnership Serving Those in Need

NAVOS Mental Health Solutions, a King County based nonprofit, has partnered with Sparkworks Media for several years.  Over that time we have created powerful, intimate and informational productions to motivate and inspire potential funders.

Fundraising and Calls-to-Action:

The first vital tool for any nonprofit is their fundraising video. These videos must convey the passionate message that is the heartbeat of your nonprofit organization. Our nonprofit videos work 24/7 at converting viewers into donors. We can help you raise the funds you need and call the public to action through engaging, emotive fundraising video production.

Organizational Identity and Profile Videos:

Who are you as a nonprofit organization? What are your goals, your message, and your methods? An organizational identity or profile video may be exactly what you need to help your viewers understand your work. Our talented team purposefully gets to know you and your organization so that we can relay the heart in your message to your viewers.


The essence of a great promo video is to leave your viewers wanting more. Combine a visually memorable video with a clear message, and you’ll create just the right buzz about your product or organization. Our promo videos engage and excite — probably because our team is always excited about the work we do.

Educational and Informational Videos:

Part of the most difficult job a nonprofit organization has is educating people about their work — but we can make it so much easier. Video lends itself perfectly to conveying not only information, but also the magnitude of the impact your organization’s work has already achieved and the hopes harbored for the future.

Volunteer and Recruitment Videos:

Looking for new recruits can be difficult. Volunteer and recruitment videos can help to drastically cut down on time spent in training. We are experienced in creating videos that both guide possible volunteers through their work as well as get them excited about your organization’s services.

Thank You Videos:

Saying thank you to your supporters is one of the most important aspects of a nonprofit campaign. Whether it is a new well in the middle of a desert nation, small children equipped to go to school, or abused women finding refuge, the ability to adequately convey the incredible results of your work to supporters is enormous. We communicate that message through a camera lens.