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Commercial video production takes creativity, diligent industry research, and lots of know-how in order to create a persuasive motion picture that delivers results. At Sparkworks Media in Seattle, WA, we do just that for all of our commercial business clients. Whether or not your marketing team has an entire scheme sketched out, or whether you’ve only the vaguest beginnings of an idea, Sparkworks Media’s imagination, talent, and charismatic team can help you get it done.

“Working with Sparkworks Media was very collaborative, and the production and editing process was smooth and efficient. We were able to get exactly what we were envisioning for the presentation. The video was a success, and we won multiple awards for the design. The animation produced by Sparkworks Media played a major role in the presentation of our design for those competitions.”

Brian Conner




Sparkworks Media provides video production project management throughout all stages of the project, including the creative development, design, scripting, theme, message, and finally, the launch. Our specialty lies in our ability to bridge the gap from traditional video methods to the digital innovations and increased amount of communication channels.

What do you need conceptualized, created, and distributed to help your company succeed?


Case Study:

K2- Atlas Snowshoes

The Overview – Reaching the Outdoor Enthusiast

K2 Outdoor is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing cutting edge outdoor equipment.  Whether it be snowboards, skis, apparel or snowshoes, they have continued to make great gear for every level of recreation interest.  The company’s snowshoe line, Atlas, is no different, with a wide range of snowshoes for everyone from the small kids to hard-core snowshoe racers.

TV Commercial Production:

At Sparkworks Media, our video production crew has an innate understanding of what moves commercial viewers to engage with your video, and ultimately, become fans of your service, product, or brand. We manage the project every step of the way — the creative development, the script and casting, the shooting, editing, visual effects, audio, mastering and, finally, the launch.

Web Commercials:

We know what makes viewers click. Our years of experience have given us an acute knowledge of which images, shots, stories, and even what audio best attracts a web audience. At Sparkworks Media, we will collaborate with your team to make your vision a reality, designing a message that is tuned to connect with your business demographic.

Virtual Visualization:

Our commercial video production company produces innovative, engaging, persuasive commercial videos for businesses of all shapes and sizes, using all manner of film and animation methods to accurately communicate your brand message. If you need a commercial video, we would love to sit down with you, catch your vision, and make it a reality.

Product Showcase:

When people are looking for a product, they generally want to know its features and uses without spending time reading reviews, descriptions, and watching lengthy ‘how-to’ videos. This is why our product highlight videos deliver information rapidly, creatively, and in a way that resonates with your customer. Whether you need a video to showcase your product for a trade show, online advertising, or in a promotional DVD, we’ll handle everything. Your end result? A high quality product highlight video that captures both your brand and your product.

Brand Image Videos:

Your brand image makes or breaks your company. A lot of video production studios love to talk about their brand image videos, but they are unable to deliver on a film that truly captures the essence of your brand. Getting to know the real ‘you’ behind your business is our specialty. Through intelligent visual storytelling, powerful images, engaging audio and skilled design, we help your audience connect with you on a visceral level. Got a great brand? Let’s tell people about it.

Industrial Video Production:

Industrial videos are a perfect way for specialized industries to reach their niche audiences. Each of these unique industries have their own language for communicating with their target audiences. Communicating in that language is key in creating a video that is professional, personable, and the perfect capture for your audience’s interest. Whatever your specialized industry might be — pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, automotive, beauty, fashion — we’ve got the knowledge and skills needed to create the best video production.