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Sparkworks Media is Hiring!

Update: Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for our Enterprise Filmmaker position. The response was quite overwhelming; over 300 applicants. We…
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A Brief History Of Video Hosting

Hosting your video used to be really difficult. Due to the bandwidth constraints of the day (56k anyone?), you needed to encode your…
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Alaska Airlines Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production for Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is now the 5th largest airline, and one of Seattle’s most well-recognized companies. Recently, Alaska Airlines elected to rebrand with a…
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How 3D Animation Has Revolutionized Communication and Visibility for Healthcare Marketing

Medical and healthcare marketing professionals understand all too well the struggle to convey health-related topics. Concepts, products, and services are often difficult to…
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The Key Elements of a Good Product Demo Video

Every time a team hits the drawing board to come up with a corporate video, the aim is to make it amazing. It’s…
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