When the Best Gym in Town is Downstairs

The Overview

X-Miami’s housing approach is unique: in exchange for smaller units they provide their renters the best amenities right in their building. Pool, party room, movie lounge and… a great gym. As the world leader in designing and producing premium fitness equipment, Technogym was an obvious choice. But in marketing it’s always better to hear it straight from the customer.

The Video

Technogym has worked with Sparkworks for over a decade to produce documentary video case studies specific to several of their target markets. For this new story focusing on an urban lifestyle we combined interviews, aerials, models and some super sweet slow mo to tell the story.

The Result
This case study shows how Technogym equipment elevates X-Miami’s gym game, so they can bring the best to their tenants. By hearing from brand directors and managers who work at the building, we learn how this equipment was beneficial in helping X-Miami create a premium space for their tenants. Viewers get a close up view of Technogym’s unique features and services..

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