Sterifre – Aura

The Overview – Visualizing the Problem

Germs – Bacteria – Viruses. They’re on everyone’s mind. Sterifre has created a new disinfection tool for any healthcare setting. And after seeing Sparkworks’ product marketing video work for Verathon, they asked us to take on their product too.

The Solution – Make it 3D

To visualize it all Sparkworks used 3D animation to demonstrate the inefficiencies of traditional disinfectant solutions and Sterifre’s solution. To show Aura in action, Sparkworks used particle simulations of a micro-condensed hydrogen peroxide spray and cold plasma ozone flowing around objects inside. It was all very technical. And super cool.  

It’s not every day one watches a promo video for medical equipment and says, “I kinda want one.” Sparkworks and Sterifre made it happen.

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