NAVOS – Our Connected Community

The Overview – A Continued Partnership Serving Those in Need

Over the last several years we’ve created powerful, intimate and informational productions to motivate and inspire potential funders.

For their most recent production, Navos wanted to bring a fresh storytelling approach to the screen.  It can be easy for a non-profit to stick with a formula that has ‘worked in the past’. But telling a story the same way by simply swapping out characters can get tiresome for donors. Navos has consistently worked to keep their message relevant and new for their audience. And they asked Sparkworks to develop a new storytelling approach for this year’s video.

The Solution – A New Approach

For previous NAVOS fundraising videos, an interview and informational approach to the story was taken; client and expert interviews woven together.

For the latest video, after creating a series of new potential concepts, NAVOS and Sparkworks settled on an approach which balanced a strong emotional connection to two characters, a compelling single-voice narrative, and a cinematic tone to the storytelling.

Through casting, scripting, production and editing, Sparkworks streamlined the process to fit NAVOS tight timeline and budget.

The Results – Creating an Impact

The Results exceeded expectations as NAVOS raised more funds at their yearly event than they ever had before .

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