2023 State of Video Report

Sparkworks produces video primarily for business. Employee engagement videos, product videos and documentary case studies are most common for us. As an agency partner with Wistia video hosting, we upload and have data on thousands of videos for our clients – but Wistia has data on millions – and they recently released a report with some interesting metrics. Three stand out as new and most actionable for future projects:

  1. LinkedIn performs best as the social media channel for business videos. This has particularly strong implications for your business to business marketing video ad buy.
  2. Spring and fall are the critical windows for video release – and perhaps by extension your product, program or service. This tracks for us since we produce a ton of open enrollment and benefits videos. But this is true for all videos. Your customers actually do take vacations.
  3. Viewers will watch half of a video regardless of length. Weird right? If your video is 1 minute, they’ll usually watch half. If your video is 5 minutes they’ll watch…. half. To me this says they feel they’ve ‘got the gist’ of your message by halfway through. So make sure the overall message is clear no later than halfway. And no surprise endings.There are more things to report around the importance of captions, video conversion, and some budget considerations. Click here to see the full report from Wistia. It’s free and they also have a summary video in case you want to watch… half.