Getting to know you and your messaging is our first step to producing an exceptional eLearning module for you. We’ll ask, ‘why this module, right now’? Knowing all the angles helps us to develop a compelling video for you.

At Sparkworks Media, we place a huge emphasis on understanding your, ‘why’. By spending time with you and your brand, our creative production team is able to produce a module that exactly fits your goals and company voice, and helps you deliver it in the right way. Consider us your in-house but down-the-street production team.

Here’s a look at our eLearning production process:

The Introduction Phase:

We’ll ask a lot of questions; “What’s this module about?, Who is the audience?, What are the learning objectives? What data do you want to capture? What do you want people to think or do at the end?” That sort of thing. Whatever we produce for you has to meet your goals.

  • Learning Strategy and Deep Discovery:

    eLearning takes planning on not just what you want to say, but how the learner will best remember the information. Is it through activities? Reading? Videos? Animation? Often it’s a mix. In this phase we’ll dive deep on your content and develop a creative learning strategy and a story/theme approach.

    Creative and Scripting:

    Now that we have a clear direction we can really get moving. We’ll outline the entire set of course modules. Scripting of all content happens here, along with descriptions of visuals. Graphic boards are created to show key layout designs and visual styles.

Project Development

Programming and Development:

This is where the magic happens–the design, programming, and engineering of your slides, interactivity, and user experience.

3D Animation and Motion Graphics Production:

If your module leverages advanced animation, this is where your 3D and 2D elements are designed, modeled, animated, composited, and rendered.

Audio Asset Production:

Narration recorded, original music, or finding a stock option that suits your video.



The first draft is usually a content draft to make sure we’re saying the right things.

You give us feedback and critiques, and we go to work again to refine visuals (There are generally 3 rounds of this editing process.)


When all is set and done, we give you a SCORM compliant package for hosting in the web environment of your choice.

Our creative team is excited to sit down with you and find a targeted way to produce a compelling and effective eLearning module for your business. Ready to schedule that coffee?

Final Touches

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