Youth Eastside Services

Fundraiser Video 2021

The Overview

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on youth, causing feelings of isolation and powerlessness. This has brought many concerns about youth mental health to the table, and social work services for teens has never been more important. Youth Eastside Services is the leading behavioral health services provider in East King County for children and youth, and their mission is to help teens when they need it the most.

The Video

Youth Eastside Services approached Sparkworks Media about creating an impactful video for their Invest in Youth fundraiser. The video needed to do a lot—both explain the drastic issue at hand, but also carry with it a message of hope for better days to come. Sparkworks was more than up to the challenge.

The Result

To tell a resonant story, Sparkworks drew from poetry written by a teenager during the pandemic, coupled with imagery to match. The video starts with our poet adrift in a rowboat, utilizing aerial photography to capture the solitude. The interviews were shot in front of a greenscreen, with a computer-generated warehouse background behind the subjects. This allowed Sparkworks complete control of the environment, lighting, and mood. The combination of poetry, music, interviews, and groundbreaking video tech creates an impactful video that helped Youth Eastside Services raise awareness about a crucial issue.

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