Capitol Hill – EcoDistrict Lifestyle Promotion

As part of an initiative to address runaway growth and ensure community priorities are reflected in the developments changing the neighborhood, the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict was formed.

Sparkworks was brought on to create a 30-second promotional spot showcasing the values and mission of the EcoDistrict. We captured some great slice-of-life images at the Revival Market, Chop House Row, Cal Anderson Park, the Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market, as well as the transit opportunities and rain garden infrastructure that can be found in and around the neighborhood.

Working with the staff of Community Roots Housing and our partners at Resource Media, we put together a diverse cast of volunteers to faithfully represent the Capitol Hill residents featured in the video. Local baristas, merchants, and shopkeepers also played a part in capturing the authentic neighborhood spirit.

When it came time to cast a voice to narrate the piece, our client suggested local performance artist Sharon Williams. Sharon did a fantastic job capturing the vibrant tone of the Capitol Hill arts community and the client was pleased with the overall project.

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