Alaska Airlines

The Overview – Safety

Nothing is more important than safety. After two 737 Max accidents and months of work by Boeing and airlines on hundreds of planes, Alaska Airlines realized that to get people flying on a Max again would require a significant rebuilding of trust. So they turned to Sparkworks Media for the delicate task of creating a series of videos to assuage concerns about the safety of flying on an Alaska Airlines Max.

The Solution – Being Direct

Our approach was simple: a no-nonsense interview video where we hear directly from the men and women who fly, maintain and manage the Max. We realized that witnessing their faces and hearing their perspective would be the best way to humanize and instill confidence.

This video serves as the keystone on a webpage dedicated to the issue, supplemented by other data and testimonials. Sparkworks was proud to work on this communication challenge and help our long-standing partner Alaska Airlines navigate this issue.

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