Roy Robinson

Not Your Everyday Car Dealership Ad

The Challenge – Car Dealership Ads Are Awful

At their worst, it’s some uncharismatic dude yelling at you about deals and percent-downs and APR. At best, it’s that, but with better production value. We wanted to make something memorable that didn’t totally suck.

The Solution – Dogs

Need we say more?

The Result – Cutest Ad Campaign Ever

In addition to two evergreen versions of this video, Sparkworks Media produced different spots for the three dealerships within the Roy Robinson family, each with their own canine spokesperson. Oh, we made new ones every month for a year. By our count, that’s 50 videos. If you live in Marysville, chances are these puppers became well-known figures by the end of the year-long ad campaign, linking the Roy Robinson name to heckin’ good doggos.

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