The Overview – A Dedicated Partner

Verathon, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of medical equipment, began working in earnest with Sparkworks a few years back as their company grew.

Many of Verathon’s medical procedures and tests work inside the body, and Verathon was looking for a motion media partner with a solid grounding in the medical industry, who could also help them visualize procedures that would be impossible to shoot.

Sparkworks Media has an extensive background in medical video and with the addition of Travis Metcalf, resident 3D visualization expert, we were up to the challenge.

The Solution – Delivering the Goods, Repeatedly

We have produced numerous 3D training and product videos for Verathon. Over time we began to provide medical illustrations for print and web as well.

During a major overhaul of their website, Verathon worked with Sparkworks to create product visualizations that included interactive components that reveal features of each of their products. We developed these in Flash and have been converting them to JQuery for iOS.

As the number of marketing assets grew, Verathon was looking for a simple and elegant way for their sales force to show off the various videos, images and brochures in their arsenal.

We helped Verathon develop an iPad app for showcasing all of the Verathon product brand assets. This app is pushed remotely to Verathon’s global sales team and provides a consistent and easily updated set of marketing materials.

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