Alaska Airlines – Making the Connection

The Overview – Inspiring the Team

As part of a massive customer service improvement effort, Alaska Airlines wanted to demonstrate the importance of connecting with each other and with customers.

The strategic approach to the project landed on the idea of producing a short film showing how small acts of kindness, from the tarmac to the board room, can transform others and multiply to make a big difference.

The Solution – Being Flexible is Key

Sparkworks developed a script showing real Alaska Airlines employees ‘paying it forward’ from one person to another, which each person’s action linked together. Since each scene relied on the cast from the scene before and after, and each scenario was very specific, we storyboarded and coordinated every scene carefully.

The video took place in multiple locations and featured a cast of many Alaska Airlines employees. Some of the scenes required airplanes and locations that we could not access during the day, so we shot several nights.

As part of the creative concept, we needed to be moving in most every shot. We pulled off some fun scenes with a relatively small crew (just four or five crew each day) such as a jib shot that spans an entire room of cubicles, a crane shot for the opening, and lots of Stedicam.

The Results – Renewed Commitment

The client was very pleased with the result. Every Alaska Airlines employee views the film, helping to foster a renewed service commitment to customers and to each other.

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