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We’re pretty sure no one’s every unicycled backward over the Hoover Dam while juggling cans of tuna fish, and on the same note, we’re pretty sure no one’s ever made a cartoon game show to explain health benefits. So, why do we do it? Because someone has to be the first, and none of us can ride a unicycle.

This game-show themed video offers our character Catalina three medical plan options.



This case study follows Isaac, a program participant who went from homelessness to a career driving trucks.


There’s a feeling you get when you walk into an outdoor gear store—the cooperative atmosphere, the sense of adventure and possibilities, and the feeling of being outside, even though you’re not. Sparkworks wanted to capture that feeling with this healthcare explainer video. It may be a simple explainer of benefits, but with its hand-drawn look and rough edges, it just “feels” outdoor gear store.



Here at Sparkworks, we’re all in favor for ideas that are kind of out there. Or ideas that are really out there, deep into the reaches of space. Not only does that create a truly unique video that we’re pretty sure no one else has done before for a benefits video—it also looks really, really cool. Watch out, Kubrick.


How do you feel when you watch a video? Energized? Empowered? Giggly? It may seem like a tickle at the back of the brain, but creators work hard to figure out that certain something that evokes a mood, and how to make it happen. For this video, we wanted something that just felt fun—fast paced, high-energy, and more than a little silly. We hope you feel the same way we do.


Brand & Culture


This company’s “how we do it” can be boiled down to their Leadership Principles—a code of how to operate day-to-day. It’s their secret sauce for success—but they didn’t have much to explain what their Leadership Principles were, or how to employ them. Enter Sparkworks. We teamed up with these guys to create 14 (and later, two more) videos for each of their LPs. This was high-stakes stuff—even the CEO came on board. Sparkworks was perfectly suited for both the camera and the animation side to seamlessly mix the two. The end result? A campaign that both delivers the message, and has a lot of fun doing it.



The Overview – The Faces of Change

Phinney Bischoff, a local branding and marketing agency, was looking for a Seattle video production partner to help them produce a video to kick off a series of rebrading meetings at Premera. The idea was to convey the emotion and importance of actual Premera employees. Serious mixed with playful, caring and sincere. All in a minute or so.

The Solution – Video Portraits

Phinney Bischoff selected Sparkworks Media to direct over 40 employees (in one day) with the goal of inspiring viewers through intimate video portraits. Sparkworks director Michel Hansmire has years of experience coaching corporate clients to perform their best for the camera – whether they work in the c-suite or on their feet.

The Results – Exceeding Expectations

Sparkworks handled post on the project and when finished Premera was blown away by the result. This made us and our agency partner Phinney Bischoff, happier than kittens with a ball of string. They’re even exploring a larger campaign based on the video produced by Sparkworks. Awesome!



It’s not easy to hold an audience’s attention when talking about stocks, bonds, and investing strategies. Unless you’re Sparkworks. For this client, we developed a look and style that’s—dare we say—fun. Sure, it’s a long video, but we think it holds up throughout—and by having a “main character” to follow, the audience can really get invested in their investments.



We like to put people in our videos—a lot. Character animation gives you a person to follow, and maybe even see some of yourself in. We’ve noticed better retention in our videos with clean, fun, and expressive character design. Ever notice how all viral videos have a face in them? That’s science, baby.



By now, you’ve probably seen many of our animated videos. But sometimes, you gotta get a face in there. Having a human component locks the viewer in—it’s captivating, and sends a direct message. The advantage of working with a fully-fledged production studio like Sparkworks is we can make a video shoot a part of the package, no problem.



Let’s talk about going the extra mile. Pictures of dogs and cats are cute, but you know what’s cuter? Cartoon puppies and kittens. And while it’s getting easier and easier to create smooth vector animations, we thought we’d do something a little different and create hand-drawn cel-animated puppies and kittens. Why? Because it’s cute. And we’ll always go the extra mile for cute.

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