10 Ways to Lower Your Corporate Video Production Costs

We know that the costs for a professional video production project are nothing to sneeze at. We also know that for many companies striving to stay competitive with other businesses in their industry, video can be vital. There are tips to lowering the production cost. And, as a video production firm, we know all the best ways to help our clients cut down on expenses without sacrificing quality. 1. Prepare Well The secret to sticking to a budget lies in good planning. Sounds simple, right? You’d be surprised at how many people gloss over the planning phase with the mindset that creativity will just ‘happen’. While creativity loves a free reign, budgets don’t. So, don’t wing it. Don’t wait until the last minute for anything. Whether it’s the script for a testimonial video, or a style board for a marketing video project, planning ahead is critical. Here are areas that…
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The 7 Questions You Need To Ask to Create a Powerful Video Production [eBook]

A well produced video has the unique ability to capture the attention of viewers and present your company, product, or idea in a concise and persuasive fashion. Your video strategy must not only engage viewers emotionally, it must work toward your business goals. To help businesses and companies produce successful corporate video production projects we have recently released a new eBook containing 7 vital questions you must ask prior to production. These questions are essential for planning and can help prevent your project from losing viewers or getting lost in the daily marketing noise.  Here’s a glimpse at a few of the eBook’s questions and pointers. Question 1. Who is Your Audience? Companies should begin by determining the audience they want to target with their video. It sounds like a simple question, but has a dramatic impact on how you go about the production. Whether your video is meant to…
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Corporate Video: How to Tell The World Your Brand Story

In a competitive world market, your brand must stand out from the crowd. And to be seen and heard above the rest, your business needs to be viewed as unique, outstanding, and remarkable — noticed outside the normal flow of advertisements, services, and local businesses. What you need is an authentic voice for your business that engages people as you shout, “Hey! This is my brand — and we are worth noticing because we are awesome!” Because, you are awesome, aren’t you? This is where we can help you. Discovering Your Brand Story Your brand story is your unique, personal business story, from your inception to your current goals and values. It’s all the things that inspire you in your work. And when you tell your brand story to your viewers, customers, or partners, you want to communicate your company vision.  Transfer your enthusiasm, and prove how you are different.…
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Sparkworks Media Studio

Sparkworks has grown in several ways this year – all to keep pace with our client’s practical, technical and creative needs. One of the most noticeable changes is our new office, production and editing facility, located in the buzzing business district of SODO. This space is not only larger, in order to better accommodate brainstorming and coffee meet-ups in close proximity to downtown, but also sports a small studio and two brand new edit suites.   THE STUDIO Sparkworks' new studio space is great for an interview, executive address or any video message requiring you, a camera and the capabilities of a small studio without the cost. It can be a hassle to find a good production space that is quiet, affordable and easily accessible by your team. Booking conferences rooms, managing schedules and attempting to control sound in a working office space is never easy. Our new studio space…
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Sparkworks – New Hire

Thanks for checking in! We've closed this posting. Check back on future hires at Sparkworks Media.
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A New Year

A New Year - Sparkworks Media What’s your New Year’s resolution? For Sparkworks Media, our resolution is to offer our you a better experience from beginning to end and improve the quality of your video production projects. Step 1 is moving to a new space. We’ve been busy renovating a new office in SODO that will offer clients a number of benefits over our current location in Lower Queen Anne: -Editing: We’ve updated our client displays and we’re transitioning our computers to the latest Macs. Our edit rooms are now better insulated for sound. -Production: We’ve added a small studio to our facility, also insulated for sound and isolated from other parts of the office. The studio will be ideal for single-person presentations to camera and interviews. And – there is no additional charge to use the room when we are producing your project. You can stop chasing down ‘the…
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