Mobile-Friendly Videos: The Secret Every Business Needs to Know About

With more and more people buying tablets and smartphones, creating videos specifically for mobile devices is becoming increasingly important.  These devices have audio, video, and viewing limitations that in previous years, video production companies didn’t have to worry about. The average American adult will spend nearly six hours a day using digital media. Over 51 percent of the total time is spent using mobile devices, and according to a study by eMarketer, an average of 1 hour and 16 minutes of this time will be spent watching online video. As a business, this is an enormous opportunity for you to reach consumers with your brand and marketing videos. But with over half of these individuals using mobile devices, you must consider whether or not your videos are mobile-friendly. Here are the top issues you must worry about when creating a mobile-friendly corporate video for your business: Ensure Your Video Players…
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How To Create a Kickstarter Video That Gets Funding

According to Kickstarter, projects with impactful videos are far more successful than Kickstarter campaigns without them; in fact, 50 percent more successful than other campaigns. This is because video is one of the best ways to convey emotion, motivation, and the essence of a project quickly and clearly. Which, as a entrepreneur or artist at the cusp of your big business adventure, is exactly what you need to grab the attention of viewers to turn them into investors. Be Authentic The key to a great Kickstarter video is authenticity. People need to see the real you. They need to know you’re a genuine, passionate person with a product or service that you believe in 100 percent. Investors want to get to know who they are investing in, not just a few close-up shots and a voice-over of your product or service. The human element is vital to capturing viewers, so…
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Why Video is the Future for Inbound Marketers

We’re sure that you’ve heard about it. Just like every new kid on the block, inbound marketing is garnering a lot of attention. It’s a whole new approach to marketing, and it’s been revolutionizing an industry that, up to now, was primarily focused on finding new customers through interruptions and clamor. Inbound marketing is just the opposite. It’s all about offering your consumers valuable, interesting information that helps them solve a felt need or problem. You are available, not confrontational. Helpful, rather than pushy. Educational, instead of unctuous. Your inbound marketing offers can be in the form of content, ebook offers, downloads, or video. But when it comes to educating, engaging and delighting, there is little that appeals to consumers more than well produced videos. The Inbound Marketing Video Wondering what kinds of videos should be used in inbound marketing? There are a wide variety of marketing or corporate videos…
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7 Habits of Highly Successful Marketing Videos

Your pour time, money, and effort into having your team create a marketing video. Hours were spent selecting the right imagery and audio clips. Days were spent editing and crafting your film. The last thing you want is to release your marketing video and discover it is a total flop. No leads. No engagement. No ROI. If that marketing video does not produce a positive return on investment or other measurable result, no matter how beautiful the imagery or moving the music, it was not worth your businesses time and money. And that’s frustrating. So, don’t create that video. Instead, follow these 7 healthy marketing video habits to ensure you produce a marketing video that blows your boss away with success and positive ROI. 1. Never Forget the Importance of the Emotional Hook Marketing video content has to relate to your audience on an emotional level. Whether you’ve got them…
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The Secret to Creating Viral Videos

More than ten years ago, a young man with an unusual affinity for obscure Romanian music created what can arguably be referred to as the original viral video. The variety of facial expressions and the enthusiasm of his ingenuitive and somewhat alarming dance movements caught the attention of a world that had not yet been inundated with lip-syncing videos, autotuned remixes of news stories, or screaming goats. Gary Broslow, at age 19, in the comfort of his own bedroom with nothing more than a webcam, a headset, and a few minutes of gleeful splicing, successfully accomplished what hundreds of marketers and video producers across the globe would give their right arm to achieve: a viral video viewed and shared millions of times. So, how did he do it? How do the hundreds of others do it? What is it that gyrating Korean pop stars, cringe-worthy lip sync videos, flash mobs,…
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Science, Goldfish, & Video Marketing: How To Reach An Audience With Waning Attention Spans

Recent research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed some alarming statistics about the American population. After years of hearing that humans have the same attention span as a goldfish, we now know that this information is completely outdated. We actually have an attention span that is shorter than your standard goldfish. In the year 2000, our average attention span was measured at 12 seconds, soundly beating out those scaly, finned competitors who averaged a mere 9 seconds. But according to a study done in 2015, our national average has dropped to a whopping 8.25 seconds. The Problem What this means in the corporate world of video production, where new, brilliant marketing tactics are an ever-present thought in the back of your head, is that you have only 8.25 seconds to capture the attention of your viewer. That’s not the only problem, though. After you capture their attention, you…
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