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    Leo Phillips

    Leo loves movies. From his early days shooting VHS action shorts replete with intricate plastic army men set pieces and state of the art firecracker VFX, to his current festival films – Leo has always enjoyed the craft of filmmaking. Along with professional content creation and working freelance on large set productions, Leo has written, produced, directed, and acted on narrative projects of his own.

    Storytelling is Leo’s favorite element of any video. As a trained and experienced screenwriter, Leo relishes any opportunity to scribe a new Narrative. All successful films, TV shows, commercials – anything – succeed with the heart of their message and voice. Story “really ties the room together,” as The Big Lebowski would say. Leo also enjoys quoting movies.

    When not working on filmmaking or spending time with family and friends, you can find Leo in his natural habitat scaling one of the PNW mountains or tearing through the forest on his mountain bike.

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